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Should UK investors fear a Brexit?

Posted by Paul Jourdan on 30/Nov/2015

"I believe that investors, and indeed all UK citizens, should fear a Brexit. In Scotland we know about "exit" type arguments. On the one hand there are all the usual "grass-is-greener" type arguments in favour of taking a leap into the unknown, which will probably turn into excessive denial of obvious risks as we get nearer the time.

On the other hand to pragmatists it will be abundantly clear that the costs of this type of re-arranging of the political deck chairs are always underestimated and will massively outweigh any mooted benefits.

But the deeper argument relates to what in the long-run will be best for European stability and, most importantly, peace. In this regard a Brexit would be an act of great complacency.

Events in the Middle East over recent years have clearly shown how rapidly the undermining of long-established alliances can lead to catastrophe. We should be fearful of unsettling the delicate balance of power which has brought Europe peaceful co-operation in the post-WWII era, lest the prospect of greener grass turns quickly to mud".