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Asset TV : UK Smaller Companies Masterclass : July 2019

In this Masterclass, we look at UK smaller companies and how they're currently being rated. There's also a look at how to survive in a saturated market, hyperinflation and the panel look at the private equity market, asking, is it a bubble?... Structured Learning CPD - duration 47 mins 25 secs

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Discussing in this Masterclass, we are joined by:

  • Dr. Paul Jourdan, CEO, Amati Global Investors
  • David Taylor, Fund Manager, MI Chelverton UK Equity Income Fund, Chelverton Asset Management
  • Jean Roche, Co-Fund Manager, Schroder UK Mid Cap Fund plc, Schroders
Learning outcomes:
  1. How UK smaller companies are being rated by the market
  2. The impact of a move in sterling on company profits and costs
  3. What company management and fund managers can do to manage risk given political uncertainty in the UK