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29/07/2019 TB Amati included in FE Trustnet's list of UK small cap funds with an average rolling five-year information ration of more than 0.5
25/07/2019 TB Amati listed as one of the top performing small cap funds over the last three years in Citywire's article
02/07/2019 Dr Paul Jourdan quoted in Professional Adviser's article on the FCA being urged to reform liquidity definition.
27/06/2019 TB Amati highlighted as one of the seven top UK small cap funds since Brexit in Citywire's article
25/06/2019 FE Trustnet highlight TB Amati as one of the top performing UK equity funds three years after the Brexit vote.
24/06/2019 The Insider report on Amati's statement on liquidity in open ended investment funds.
20/06/2019 "Edinburgh fund manager secures independence through £750,000 deal" reports The Herald.
19/06/2019 Citywire report that Fund boutique Amati Global Investors has cancelled Mattioli Woods' option to buy the business.
19/06/2019 Edinburgh fund manager pays £750,000 to remain independent reports The Insider.
16/04/2019 TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund one of only 24 funds to be included on BMO's Fundwatch consistent top performers reports Citywire
28/03/2019 Paul Jourdan highlighted as one of Wealth Manager's 35 most popular fund managers in Q1.
20/03/2019 David Stevenson speaks to FE Trustnet on three UK stocks that are well placed for growth whatever happens with Brexit.
08/03/2019 Portfolio Adviser highlight Anna Wilson one of the rising stars of asset management
07/03/2019 TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund features in FE Trustnet Magazine's Fund In Focus
06/03/2019 FE Trustnet highlight TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund as one of the UK funds with the strongest returns after 10 years of QE
05/03/2019 TB Amati highlighted as one of the best performing funds over ten years of QE in Investment Week's article
21/02/2019 David Stevenson offers his views in Shares Magazine's article "Can expensive shares ever offer good value"
01/02/2019 FT Adviser highlights Amati's Warning Regarding Unsolicited Telephone Calls
01/02/2019 FT Adviser reports on launch of Amati AIM VCT Top Up Offer
31/01/2019 Shauna Bevan of RiverPeak Wealth highlights Amati Global Investors as one of her favourite boutiques in Investment Week's article
30/01/2019 FE Trustnet highlight TB Amati as one of the most consistent UK Smaller Companies funds of the decade
29/01/2019 Paul Jourdan speaks to FE Trustnet on why 1972 was a key date for the best performing UK small-caps
28/01/2019 Amati highlighted in Citywire's 5 shares the pros are buying and selling
14/01/2019 TB Amati one of only 23 funds that were top quartile in each of the past three years reports FE Trustnet
18/12/2018 Paul Jourdan speaks to Citywire on one of Amati's top performing stocks of 2018
14/12/2018 FE Trustnet highlight TB Amati as one of three top-rated funds for investors of any age.
11/12/2018 TB Amati one of only five funds that are on track to deliver their fifth year in a row of top-quartile returns reports FE Trustnet
12/11/2018 TB Amati retains one of the top spots in the UK smaller companies sector in Money Observer's Consistent 30
10/10/2018 FE Trustnet highlight TB Amati as having one of the most consistent track record of outperforming the average IA UK Smaller Companies peer group.
08/10/2018 Out of eight outperforming funds over the last decade, TB Amati is one of four to be managed by an FE Alpha Manager-Rated Fund Manager reports Financial Express
14/09/2018 Financial Express highlight TB Amati as one of nine funds to outperform their sector by over 175% over the last 10 years
14/09/2018 Portfolio Adviser highlights TB Amati as one of the 10 best-performing funds since Lehman collapsed
19/07/2018 TB Amati shortlisted in Citywire UK Fund Manager Awards 2018
20/06/2018 Shares Magazine announce that Amati Global are one of the specialist small cap investors to back new float I-Nexus
14/06/2018 Jason Rolf speaks to Charles Stanley on the "small cap effect"
14/06/2018 FE Trustnet highlight TB Amati as the UK Small Cap fund that protected investors most during the benchmark's negative months
31/05/2018 Investment week announce TB Amati as finalist for Fund Manager of the Year 2018
21/05/2018 Is President Donald Trump a market menace - or a welcome disruptor? Anna Wilson offers her views to Investment Week
21/05/2018 "What's in manager Paul Jourdan's award-winning Amati small cap fund" reports Share Magazine
18/05/2018 FE Trustnet announces Dr Paul Jourdan as winner of Best UK Smaller Companies Alpha Manager at the 2018 FE Alpha Manager Awards
25/04/2018 David Stevenson interviewed by Citywire for their "UK Equities in Focus" special publication
25/04/2018 TB Amati comes up as top performing UK Small cap fund over 5 years in FE Trustnet article
20/04/2018 Stuart Cardozo from SWC Independent speaks to Citywire on the value of active managers with TB Amati being one of his most favoured funds .
17/04/2018 TB Amati highlighted by BMO as one of the top performers in Citywire's article "The small-cap funds consistently topping the charts".
13/04/2018 FE Trustnet highlight TB Amati as one of top 3 funds delivering top-quartile returns from the BMO's most consistent sector.
12/04/2018 "I like boring companies" says Amati fund manager David Stevenson as he speaks about high-margin specialist UK growth company PTSG plc to The Telegraph.
19/03/2018 Paul Jourdan offers his views on the rising demand for VCTs in Moneyfacts' article.
15/02/2018 Amati managers ranked in the top 20 on Citywire table of more than 4,200 global managers reports The Herald
02/02/2018 TB Amati highlighted in Interactive Investor article.
25/01/2018 BMO highlights Amati as one of a small number of funds to have consistently delivered top performance in Citywire article.
17/01/2018 Citywire article on Anna Wilson joining the Amati team.
27/11/2017 TB Amati one of the small funds on track for another year at the top of their sector according to FE Trustnet.
03/11/2017 Amati Global Investors feature in London Evening Standard's Trader Talk.
23/10/2017 TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund features in The Mail on Sunday's Fund Focus.
13/10/2017 FE Trustnet highlight TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund as the top returner in its peer group in Q3 2017
03/10/2017 Douglas Lawson reveals all in Money Observer's article "Buy, hold, sell".
26/09/2017 Eight Wealth managers' Top UK Equity Fund Picks in City Wire Wealth Manager -
Jonathan Lau of Anderson Strathern highlights TB Amati as "one to watch"
31/07/2017 Searching For Small Cap Value, David Stevenson offers his views in Shares Magazine's article.
04/07/2017 David Stevenson comments on Independent Directors within Citywire article
05/06/2017 Trio of Amati Fund Managers top Citywire table reports The Herald
12/04/2017 CNBC disclose Citywire's top 20 portfolio managers under age 40 worldwide - Douglas Lawson of Amati ranked no. 5
07/02/2017 Money Marketing's take on Mattioli Woods acquiring stake in Amati
07/02/2017 New Model Adviser covers Mattioli Woods £3.3m stake in Amati Global Investors.
07/02/2017 Mattioli Woods takes stake in AAA-rated managers' boutique reports Citywire.
07/02/2017 Investment Week outlines detail of Mattioli Woods acquiring stake in Amati Global Investors.
12/01/2017 Have investors become too optimistic about the impact of a Trump presidency? - Amati CEO Paul Jourdan discusses Investment Weeks latest "Big Question".
12/01/2017 The Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund moves back to a 5-Crown Rating on FE Trustnet.
16/11/2016 Douglas Lawson tells Michelle McGagh of Citywire why demand from inheritance tax portfolios has made big stocks on Alternative Investment Market too dear.
04/10/2016 Patrick Collinson from Fund Strategy offers his views on Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund and how it's beating its larger rivals.
15/04/2016 Citywire's Wealth Manager focuses on the TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund and the niche opportunities uncovered by Paul Jourdan.
11/04/2016 Charles Stanley highlight the fund winners and losers - TB Amati UK Smaller Cos Fund in their Top 10.
28/03/2016 Paul Jourdan interviewed by FT Adviser on some of the top holdings within TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund.
17/02/2016 Douglas Lawson highlights in Citywire "Why Photo-Me International is still a developing recovery play"
16/02/2016 Recent restrictions on VCT investments seem to have been offset by demand as pension reliefs tighten - Investment Week hears from the managers.
16/02/2016 David Stevenson and other managers warn of bubble territory for favourite holdings in AIM IHT portfolios on Investment Week's website.
15/02/2016 How do VCTS and EIS compare for retirement planning? - Paul Jourdan outlines the difference in Investment Week's Big Question.
09/12/2015 Douglas Lawson discusses with "What Investment" some of the best UK Smaller Companies to invest in for 2016.
30/11/2015 Should investors fear a Brexit from the EU? Paul Jourdan explains why he believes investors should in Investment Week's Big Question
15/10/2015 David Stevenson explains on Charles Stanley Direct why he feels Smaller Companies is a good place to be in a low growth world
14/10/2015 We Should AIM Higher says Douglas Lawson, interview in EIS Magazine Yearbook: Reference Guide to Tax Efficient Vehicles
09/10/2015 Paul Jourdan offers his view on IG Group being a financial stock with potential in Investment Week's Big Question
06/10/2015 Paul Jourdan quoted in The Wall Street Journal * on Hugs & High Fashion at Ted Baker
14/05/2015 Trustnet higlight TB Amati being one of two funds showing positive returns in 55 months
31/03/2015 Investment Week comment on the launch of Amati AIM IHT Portfolio Service
18/11/2014 Quindell's troubles put founder Rob Terry's past in spotlight: Paul Jourdan quoted in Financial Times * article
17/11/2014 Douglas Lawson addresses Small-cap risk myth in Chelsea Financial Services website
03/10/2014 FT Adviser Tax Efficient Seminar Review, quoting Paul Jourdan
16/09/2014 Citywire with Paul Jourdan on why Scotland should have had two votes
12/08/2014 Drumworks Wins Amati Guildhall School of Music & Drama Creative Entrepreneurs' Award 2014
01/04/2014 WH Ireland Spy (PDF) newsletter with Douglas Lawson in the fund manager spotlight
24/03/2014 Citywire highlights Amati dropping VCT performance fees
02/04/2013 TB Amati gives true small cap exposure says Trustnet
01/03/2013 Douglas Lawson gives top five best UK small cap ideas on Citywire website
08/02/2013 Amati to raise £30 in VCT Offer Herald Scotland announces
07/11/2012 FT Adviser highlights T. Bailey adds Amati small cap fund to line-up
29/06/2012 Multi-managers reveal the top 10 overlooked funds says FT Adviser
11/06/2012 Money Observer write up on small cap funds worthy of recognition
06/06/2012 Douglas Lawson talks to Citywire about biggest small cap risk
19/04/2012 Paul Jourdan gives Citywire his five star picks
22/03/2012 Herald Scotland article on David Stevenson joining the Amati team
16/01/2012 Paul Jourdan candidate for investor of the year says The Motley Fool *