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Dr. Paul Jourdan, CEO of Amati Global Investors, contributes to new book: 'Professional Investor Rules'

Amati Global Investors' CEO, Dr. Paul Jourdan, has contributed to a new book: 'Professional Investor Rules' published by Harriman House, UK's leading independent publisher of finance, trading and investment books. Paul has written a chapter titled: 'The Problem of Knowledge in Financial Markets'.

Professional Investor Rules is a book in a collection of chapters written by high profile and respected spokespeople in the fund management industry, containing their individual perspectives and insights, which will come together to form a series of invaluable guidelines for professional investors. The book contains an introduction by Jonathan Davis and also includes Nigel Lawson's article on Investing Rules, which first appeared in the Sunday Telegraph in 1963.

The book will be published in hardback and as an ebook on 1 December 2012 and the chapter written by Paul will also be available as an ebook free of charge and available on iBook, Google Playstore and Amazon. (a pdf of the chapter is available to download here)

The Problem of Knowledge in Financial Markets by Paul Jourdan

Publishers' Overview of Paul Jourdan's chapter "The Problem of Knowledge in Financial Markets":

"One of the undoubted highlights of the book 'Professional Investor Rules' is the chapter by Paul Jourdan, AAA-rated fund manager and CEO of Amati Global Investors. A highly pellucid and thought-provoking piece, it takes an unflinching look at what it means to be a successful investor engaged in the "living and strangely intelligent organism" of today's financial markets - the importance of self-knowledge, the vital role of history and stories, and the limits of certainty that every investor must come to terms with.

This eBook exclusively reproduces the chapter as a standalone piece. It remains a striking and provocative piece of essential reading for every investor."

Publishers' Overview of "Professional Investor Rules"

"They are the world's best - the professional investors at the head of global investment funds and the mavericks operating from behind nothing more than a laptop and a point of view; some with millions of pounds at their disposal and the fate of companies and customers' savings hanging on their decisions, others with nothing more (or less) than their reputation and their own fortune on the line.

What sets them apart from the thousands of other investors out there is their track record. The professional investors who have contributed to this book include multiple award winners, fund managers who have managed to double or triple investment returns every two years, as well as the heads and founders of firms with billions - occasionally trillions - under management and half a century of profits to which they can point.

There are no better investors to learn from when making your own way in the markets, and this book is the indispensable collection of the secrets behind their success, straight from the investors themselves.

Featuring the investing rules of award-winning experts in Asian, Latin American and Western markets, contrarian specialists, mutual fund managers and more, Professional Investor Rules is a compelling snapshot of some of today's best investing minds. No investor can afford to be without it."