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Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") considerations

Amati Global Investors recognises that managing investments on behalf of clients involves taking into account a wide set of responsibilities in addition to seeking to maximise financial returns for investors. Industry practice in this area has been evolving rapidly and AGI has been an active participant in seeking to define and strengthen its principles accordingly. This involves both integrating ESG considerations into the Investment Manager's investment decision-making process as a matter of course, and also signing up to major external bodies who are leading influencers in the formation of industry best practice. The following is an outline of the kinds of ESG considerations that the Investment Manager will take into account as part of its investment process.

Environmental — examining issues arising from supply chains, climate change and contamination. The Investment Manager looks for management teams who are aware of the issues and are proactive in responding to them.

Social — seeking to avoid unequivocal social negatives, such as profiting from addiction or forced labour and to support positive impacts which will more likely find support from customers and see rising demand.

Governance — examining and, where appropriate, engaging with companies on board membership, remuneration, conflicts of interest such as related party transactions, and business leadership and culture.

Human Rights — adopting and advocating a Clean Trade approach, which means avoiding companies that tacitly support the most oppressive regimes and engaging positively with those that uphold Article 1 of the International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights, particularly in relation to the extraction of natural resources.