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Here we would like to offer you an insight into some of the activities that take place behind the scenes at Amati.

Finding Family

It was at the point of organising our Amati VCTs' Cambridge Investor event in March 2014, that I first met Oggi Tomic. We were looking for someone to capture the presentations made on the day on camera in order to share as much as we could with investors and interested parties who were unable to attend. We were very pleased with the work that Oggi produced and equally delighted that we will be working together again at our London VCT Investor event on 26 June 2014.

It was only after the event that I learnt of Oggi's story and would like to draw attention to the documentary film made by Chris Leslie & Oggi Tomic "Finding Family" which was recently awarded the Scottish BAFTA for New Work and also Factual categories.

Oggi was born in Bosnia with water on the brain and abandoned at birth with only months to live. He didn't have the best start in life, however 27 years on and against the odds and through the kindness of strangers, he is alive and well and living happily married in the UK. His first encounter with Chris Leslie (Director of "Finding Family") was when Chris visited the orphanage where Oggi was in 1997. Chris, who was a Scottish Aid worker at the time, was there to teach photography and Oggi was the first to show a keen interest and genuine raw talent. Chris helped nurture his interest in photography and watched him grow from strength to strength. Oggi moved to the UK and went to The International Film School of Wales where he was awarded a BA (Hons) Degree.

"Finding Family" captures Oggi's journey back to Bosnia 20 years on in search of answers from his long lost family. Filmed over the space of two months in Summer 2012, "Finding Family" is a powerful and profound first person narrative that captures Oggi's journey back to Bosnia for this extraordinary family reunion. This is a story of identity and belonging on an individual and national level that combines over 15 years of film and photograph archive with stunning observational footage and interviews as this fascinating story unfolds and Oggi journeys from Cambridge to Sarajevo, from the orphanage where he was abandoned 27 years ago, the hospital where he made his miraculous recovery, and all the way up to his family's front door.

Oggi Tomic
"This is going to be the most important journey of my life. It might be difficult be its one I need to make in order to close this chapter. I am not just wanting to make this film just for myself, I want this film to be used to encourage orphans and other abandoned children throughout Bosnia to have the courage and to be given the resources to help trace their own long lost families".

We are also delighted to have been invited to attend the Scottish Premiere of this film on 29 April 2014 at Vue Cinema, Edinburgh.

Please view trailer to his extraordinary story:

Information on charity Oggi is involved with "Hope & Homes for Children"

by Rachel Le Derf 14 April 2014