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Here we would like to offer you an insight into some of the activities that take place behind the scenes at Amati.

The AniMotion Show 14th August 2015.

Posted by Rachel Le Derf on 18 August 2015

Friday 14th August saw the opening of the AniMotion Show with an amazing performance from renowned musician, Dame Evelyn Glennie and Russian artist Maria Rud, fusing percussive sounds and visual art, creatively projected by Ross Ashton, Projection Artist onto the walls of the 17th Century George Heriot's School in Edinburgh.

Along with Temple & Co, Arts & Business Scotland and Progressive Broadcast, Amati Global Investors is a proud sponsor of this Fringe event.

The AniMotion Show is running every night from 9.30pm at George Heriot's School in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival up until 29 August 2015.

See BBC AniMotion interview at:

Animotion Show

Animotion Show

Animotion Show

The AniMotion Show 11th November 2012

An event entitled "The AniMotion Show" was held on 11 November 2012 at the National Museum of Scotland, and sponsored by Amati Global Investors, together with Balfour + Manson, and Arts and Business Scotland. This was a wonderfully original collaboration between the percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie, the cellist Philip Sheppard, and the artist Maria Rud. You can see some glimpses of this on film.

The AniMotion Show - Image Painting credit Maria Rud, Photograph credit Jim Callaghan

The AniMotion Show sponsored by Amati Global Investors

Russian TV Documentary (with subtitles) on The AniMotion Show sponsored by Amati Global Investors