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Useful Contacts

TB Amati Strategic Metals Fund is administered by T. Bailey Fund Services Limited.


For all matters relating to dealing and administration of the fund please use the following contact details:

Clients Services and Dealing Line on: +44 (0)115 988 8275

Email enquiries:


Sales Contacts

You can contact one of our sales team for further information and for reponses to any queries.


Scotland & Northern Ireland

Rachel Le Derf
Head of Sales

+44 (0)131 503 9104

Northern England,
Midlands & North Wales

Colin Thomson
Sales Director

+44 (0)131 503 9118

Southern England & South Wales

Jonathan Woolley
Sales Director
+44 (0)131 503 9112


General Contacts

For any other investment inquiries, contact our investment line on +44 (0)131 503 9115 or email