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Amati Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs' Award 2020

The AGM will be held on 5 June 2020 at 2.00 p.m. at the offices of Amati Global Investors Limited (the "Manager"), 8 Coates Crescent, Edinburgh EH3 7AL. As investors are aware, the Company has always encouraged shareholder attendance at its annual general meetings, taking the opportunity for the Manager to run an investor event alongside the annual general meeting, inviting representatives from portfolio companies to present and also holding the Amati Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs' Award.

The Company is required by law to hold an annual general meeting. However, given the circumstances of the current global COVID-19 pandemic, the Board is concerned for the safety and wellbeing of the shareholders and other attendees of the AGM. Having carefully considered all of the options available, the Board has decided that the Company will conduct only the formal, statutory business of the AGM on 5 June 2020.

We are making available videos of Fund Manager Portfolio Updates, Interviews with a selection of the Company's portfolio companies and also an update on the Amati Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs' Award for 2020. These will be available to view from Friday 5 June 2020.

Below you will find the Notice of the AGM and Annual Report. Shareholders are strongly advised to vote through the Registrar's online voting facility or by form of proxy (contained on pages 11 and 12 of the Notice).

Notice of AGM & Proxy Voting Form

Annual Report and Accounts to January 2020.

  1. To receive the Directors' Report and Financial Statements together with the Independent Auditor's Report
  2. To approve the Directors' Remuneration Policy
  3. To approve the Directors' Annual Report on Remuneration
  4. To re-appoint BDO LLP as auditor
  5. To authorise the directors to fix the remuneration of the auditor
  6. To re-elect Peter Lawrence as a director of the Company
  7. To re-elect Susannah Nicklin as a director of the Company
  8. To re-elect Julia Henderson as a director of the Company
  9. To re-elect Brian Scouler as a director of the Company
  10. To empower the directors to allot Ordinary Shares up to a maximum aggregate nominal value of £1,500,000
  11. To approve the continuation of the Company as a venture capital trust
  12. To renew the directors' authority to disapply pre-emption rights
  13. To authorise the directors to buy back shares

Results will be posted here following the AGM

This page will be populated once all questions are received by the deadline of 27 May 2020

Video Presentations & Interviews will be available to view here from 5 June 2020